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There’s Milk in Her Coffee

We were sitting at a pub recently, a couple of mates and I, on a Friday afternoon. Everyone had called it a day a little earlier than usual and we were having a few beers and shooting the breeze. We try and do this once a month, since most are married and boy’s time isn’t as freely available as it used to be when we were all single maybe a decade ago in our early twenties.

That hasn’t made us any less of a horny bunch of fuckers, if anything, most of us are even more so as our days of one night stands and playing the field is long gone too.

In walks this stunning black girl and one of my mates decide to use the shittiest pick up line I have ever heard. Completely inappropriate and really should not be amusing except is was fucking hilarious.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if you have any white in you” he asked to which she replied with “no, I don’t”.

“Would you like some then?” was when I died.

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People Don’t Do Porn Because They Prefer It Over Rocket Science

Here’s Aaliya Hadid who is clearly not black. She does have some black in her but she is mixed race. But heh, this is porn so having a non-black girl as a model in an ebony site, who cares. It’s not like they’re rocket scientists after all or ever even remotely threatened to be of the intellectual calibre as accountants, lawyers or whatever other respectable job.

Yeah I said it.

We need theses idiots though, at least I’m prepared to admit that I do because I have a very high sex drive and I enjoy porn and when it’s all said and done does it actually matter at all that they have a middle-eastern heritage model performing on an ebony porn site? Hell no, as long as it’s good and it is.

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She’s Has To Lie On Her Side Because…

If she doesn’t he might stab her in the heart with that thing.

You know, as a white boy… or let me start with; for a white boy I am pretty well hung and I’m going to say so myself because that’s the kind of thing that no one else will and I’m kind of chuffed with that, you know.

As a white boy though I can hardly comprehend that a human being can be as hung as this guy. You know when you have the condom rolled down all the way and you have more dick left than 90% of the Asian population then you’re packing some serious heat. And this isn’t even all that uncommon for the black guys.

It’s no wonder white women are going crazy for black cock but I don’t really see that trend following through to the Asian girls. Perhaps the transition is a bridge too far to go in one go, maybe they need to go white first and work their way to Monsterville. 😀

You’d have many women in some weird mix of trauma and ecstasy taking that thing on yet here’s the black girl with a half amused grin on her face.

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