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Month: June, 2015

Dating Older Women can Give You a New Lease on Life

Guys have many different reasons for dating older women. Some younger guys prefer banging older women because these older women are the only chicks that would want to jump on their dicks. Fair enough. Hey, you know you got to take what you can get, right?


Other guys are looking to date older women because they feel that they can get some sort of wisdom and assurance from them. These guys are really just overgrown mama’s boys. They’re looking to date older women because of the emotional component. I’m not knocking emotionalism. I’m not doing that at all. What I’m doing is using dating older women as some sort of emotional crutch.


Let’s put it this way. How would you feel if it turns out that somebody’s using you as an emotional crutch? It wouldn’t feel too good, right? It wouldn’t feel that this person is respecting you and giving you the right value. That’s the bottom line. You shouldn’t look at people as a means to an end.


The proper way to date older women is to really look at them as partners in your exploration for life. I’m not talking about a life partner. I’m not talking about emotional strings. I’m only looking at dating older women as a means of overcoming issues that you have while at the same time providing value to her. Again, this has nothing to do with emotional dependency and has everything to do with emotional independence, going together and exploring your sense of adventure together. That’s the bottom line.